Captive audience helps, but travel retailers still go the extra mile

While much of today’s retail world scrambles to attract walk-in customers in the face of online competition, stores based in airports and other travel hubs have a built-in advantage.

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Retail evolving

As the retail landscape adapts to changing consumer needs, brands are changing their brick-and-mortar strategy to reach a new equilibrium. The foundation of this process is understanding and accounting for Gen Z shopping habits, a generation that currently comprises 40% of the population and is beginning to have purchasing power.

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Famous for Franchise Fixtures

Google “franchise retail fixtures,” and the first website listing that displays is for F.C. Dadson. The Greenville Wis-based company’s top Google ranking is a reflection of the thousands of franchise stores, salons, restaurants and clinics that the fixture manufacturer has helped open during its 44-year history.

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Sustainable success

From the beginning, Allbirds aspired to innovate while keeping things simple and sustainable. The strategy worked, so it’s not surprising that the 4-year-old shoe company took the same approach to its retail stores.

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Renaissance in Retail - Sport Chek Delivers With Award-Winning Store Design

When Sport Chek, Canada’s largest sports retailer, expanded and redesigned its flagship store at the Yorkdale Shopping Center in Toronto, it created a shopping experience exemplifying what is necessary to thrive in today’s retail economy.

The brick-and-mortar store is a critical component of the omnichannel experience expected by tech-savvy consumers. It uses best-in-class technological features to seamlessly blend in-store and digital shopping, creating an “endless aisle approach.”

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