Fully Committed

Showplace Wood Products didn’t rush into building full-access cabinets. When the company decided to make the move, however, it did so in Showplace’s customary bold way.

“The topic came up four or five years ago,” said Bill Allen, Showplace’s vice president and chief operating officer. “We were being told by our dealer base, our sales team and our suppliers that full-access or frameless construction, specifically European-style, was coming to the U.S.”

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High-Quality Customization

Customers of EuroCraft Cabinets have a strong preference for plywood kitchens (see “Investing in Flexibility,” page xx). And there is nothing wrong with that--until they ask for high-gloss acrylic on plywood. Acrylic is typically laid up on an MDF substrate because surface imperfections telegraph and mar the high-gloss finish. Achieving such an unconventional lamination without compromising quality requires a specialist.

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Investing in Flexibility

Like so many great panel processing stories, this one begins with a panel saw, an edgebander and a CNC router. Set against the sultry backdrop of South Florida, this is a tale of survival and success -- of using flexible technology to bring the sexiest materials in the industry to the masses.

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Looking Ahead By Looking Abroad

As 2017 gets into full gear, manufacturers who participated in the Stiles European Benchmarking Tour are factoring in their experience abroad to shape their future strategies and growth plans.

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Lightweight to the core

17 years after the first patent, Neucor is producing a hollow core MDF product that combines light weight with superior strength

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