Going Contemporary

When it comes to styles of kitchen and bath design, transitional is still king.

That’s not surprising, as transitional designs blend traditional and contemporary styles that mend the two with aesthetics borrowed from each.

But it’s the growing popularity of contemporary kitchen and design that’s likely the biggest takeaway from a recent report on design trends.

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From start to finish

Vertically integrated Wellborn Cabinet likes having complete control of process and product

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Ongoing Quest

Wisconsin Cabinet Company Takes Pride in Quality, Efficiency and Adaptability

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Contemporary Urban Kitchens feature inventive combinations and dramatic textures

Millennials are worldly and environmentally attuned. They want their living environments to reflect their values and aesthetic tastes, as well as their lifestyles.

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Do the ‘Bright’ Thing

Meet Michael Bright, an unabashed fan of MDF, who loves to mix decorative materials in unorthodox ways to create visually stunning custom cabinetry.

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