According to the dictionary, “innovation” can be defined simply as a new idea, device or method. Typically, however, innovation also is viewed as the application of better solutions that meet the needs of today’s market. Better solutions? Those are definitely what hardware companies have in mind when they research, develop and introduce their innovative new products. Here are some of the best new examples of those new products and better solutions from some of the world’s top hardware companies:


Ixconnect Tab 15 Shelf Connector

Save time on products with the Häfele Ixconnect Tab 15 Shelf Connector. Tools won’t be necessary. With a drill hole diameter of only 15 mm, the Tab 15 is simply pressed into the shelf manually, delivering a sturdy, reliable connection. Ideal for quick relocating of shelves, the connector can be installed and easily moved without causing damage. It is available for shelves with thickness of 16-19 mm.



Silentia+: The new-generation of soft-close hinges

Silentia+ allows a perfect and constant soft closing of a door in any condition, use and application. This innovative soft-close technology guarantees excellent performances to the complete range of hinges. Silentia+ includes numerous technological elements in the required spaces and maintains the aesthetics of the hinges of the first generation.



Offering the right solution for every level of user convenience is important, and Blum understands the need to keep the product range manageable. With the new LEGRABOX profile, cabinet manufacturers can offer a larger scope of function, all with one runner, saving warehouse space and confusion when ordering parts. Three different motion technologies, BLUMOTION, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and SERVO-DRIVE, are all achievable with the optimized LEGRABOX profile. Whether you opt for the electric or mechanical opening support system, Blum’s various motion technologies give you the right solution for every living area and every comfort level.

Getting the right mix: Combining different motion technologies in the same space brings enhanced user convenience to kitchens and other areas of the home. The integrated BLUMOTION soft close ensures drawers always close softly and effortlessly. Cabinets equipped with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system glide open at a single touch, which is especially handy for waste drawers. TIP-ON BLUMOTION is Blum’s mechanical solution, allowing cabinet drawers to open with a single touch and close gently with a fluid push. LEGRABOX can be customized with these features.


Kinvaro D and Tiomos Flap Drop-down Flap System

Grass America is pleased to introduce our new “upside down” flap system. The Kinvaro D, the newest member of the Kinvaro lifter family, is a stylish, modern drop-down flap system that creates a minimalistic look with clean lines while offering easy access into the cabinet contents.

The Kinvaro D offers the perfect drop-down flap solution for the classic wall cabinet. Functional and comfortable, the Kinvaro D offers an integrated damping system, providing a gentle opening that rests at 90° with the assistance of the Tiomos Flap hinge.

Kinvaro D-M flap system is offered in White, Night and Smoke with a flap door weight capacity up to 22.5 pounds. The Kinvaro D-S is offered in White and Night with a flap door weight capacity up to 13.5 pounds. Both systems integrate nicely into various types of cabinetry and can be mounted left or right, vertically or horizontally with a minimum cabinet depth of 82mm (3 1/4”).

The sleek and modern Tiomos Flap Hinge is a flat rectangular hinge that offers a 90° opening angle and three-dimensional adjustment. When a handle-free door application is preferred, Tiomos Flap can be paired with the Tiomos Tipmatic pin system.

Kinvaro D and Tiomos Flap hinge are the perfect combination for a fold down system that ensures the open flap is flush with the base panel every time.