New Looks in Metal Laminates

Metal laminates occupy a unique place in the decorative high-pressure laminate family. Unlike their heavy-duty brethren that are engineered to withstand the daily wear and tear subjected to kitchen countertops and other work surfaces, metal laminates, though durable, are neither scratch resistant nor fingerprint proof.

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Original Engineering for Original Designs

Part architecture, part engineering, Los Angeles-based firm Moore + Friesl operates as an intermediary between designers and fabricators to bring seemingly unachievable projects into being. Founded in 2011, the full-service practice focuses on digital technology to take complex and multi-faceted designs from concept to completion. “My parents have a friend who is a blacksmith. He worries that no one knows how to make things anymore,” says Marcus Friesl, principle of Moore + Friesl. 

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High quality material for the refurbishment of the Reuters headquarters in Paris

Situated in Paris, in a splendid Haussmann building, the Reuters headquarters has undergone full refurbishment of its lobby, reception, board room, cafeteria, restaurant and central indoor garden, which was carried out by the French studio 16k architectes.

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